Below is a list of the actions, which are available for mapping to the keyboard, mouse, hotspots, custom extensions, and session startup/exit:

Default is to perform no action. Also select Nothing to remove an existing action that is no longer required.

Host Key
Allows selection of a single host key to send to the host.

APL Key (TN3270 only)
Allows selection of a single APL graphics character to send. The list of available APL characters is displayed with a description along with the actual APL character as it will display on the host screen.

Enter a text string to send to the host in the input field. This may also include host keys, which are available from the list box below the input fields and may be inserted by highlighting and choosing the Add button. Optionally, you may filter the host key list by typing a string in the Search host keys field. Host keys must be enclosed within open and closed square brackets, for example [HOME].

Allows selection of a single text character to send to the host.

Select an available macro to execute from the FlexTerm working directory, or browse for a macro located in another directory. Optionally, enter any parameters to provide to the selected macro.

Select one of the following mouse movements to perform:

  • Scroll Up
  • Scroll Down
  • Scroll Page Up
  • Scroll Page Down


Choose from any of the available FlexTerm commands, along with any required parameters.


Choose External to enter or browse the name of any executable or document to open. Optionally, enter any parameters to provide to the specified program.

Some examples include:

    1. C:\Users\Public\Documents\MyDocument.docx


    3. C:\Windows\notepad.exe