From the Schemes ribbon tab, press the Edit Scheme button  to customize the current edit scheme, which will display the Customize Edit Scheme dialog.

The following options are available to determine how cut, copy and paste operations are handled by FlexTerm for the current VT, SCOANSI or WYSE session:

Select Mode

Determines how text is selected on the screen. Choose Block Mode (default) to select a block of text, or Line Mode to select text line by line.


Determines how a text selection is displayed on the screen. Choose Dotted Line (default) to display an outline around the selection, or Highlight to display the selection in semi-transparent color mode. The color used to highlight selected text may be modified using the Selection category of a custom color scheme.

Allow text drag and drop

Enable (default) to allow drag-and-drop copy operations within the same FlexTerm session, from one session to another or between FlexTerm and another text source (for example, Notepad).

Automatic copy selected text

Enable to automatically copy a text selection to the Windows clipboard, allowing paste operations into any application.

After making changes to any of the above settings, press Save to save these settings to the current session, or press the arrow next to Save, select Save As to create a custom edit scheme file (*.aes), then provide a file name.