The following are options related specifically to TN3270 emulation:

Attention Key Method
Determines the sequence of characters FlexTerm sends to the host when the TN3270 Attention host key is pressed. In most cases, TN3270E is the preferred method and is the default setting. However, select Telnet if a non-IBM TCP/IP host package is in use, or select IBM if an IBM TN3270 Server or IBM mainframe TCP/IP host program is used.

Automatic Reset Keyboard
Enable to send the 3270 Reset host key automatically when the keyboard becomes locked with an input inhibited condition. Select Immediate to instantly send Reset, or Any Key Press to send Reset when the next key is pressed.

Automatic Unlock Keyboard
Enable this option for host applications that do not issue the Keyboard Unlock command.

Automatic Repeat AID Key

When enabled, any AID key is repeatedly sent to the host by pressing and holding the key.

Insert Mode Toggle Cursor Type

Enable to automatically toggle the cursor type when insert mode is toggled. If disabled, has no impact on the cursor. Disabled by default.

Insert Mode Reset after AID Key

When enabled, insert mode is turned off after an AID key is sent to the host. Disable to allow the user to keep the insert mode on through screen navigation. Enabled by default.