The following are options related specifically to VT and SCOANSI emulation:


Specify an answerback message to send to the host screen when the Answerback host key is pressed (Ctrl+F5 by deault).

Auto Repeat Keys

Enabled by default, makes most keys send their character repeatedly when the key is held down.

Auto Line Wrap

Determines if received characters automatically wrap to the next line when the cursor reaches the right margin of the screen. This option is disabled by default.

Local Echo

When enabled, this option causes the terminal to send keyboard characters to the screen before sending to the host.

Return Key

Determines whether to send CR (Carriage Return) or CRLF (Carriage Return and Line Feed) when the return key is pressed, where CR is the default.

Status Line

Select Indicator to display the indicator status line, Host to display a host-writable status line, or None to remove the status line from the display.

Printing Options

Use the following settings to modify printer controller mode settings:

Printing Mode

Select Windows API (default) to use the Windows print driver based on the settings in Page Setup, or select Passthrough to bypass the Windows print driver and send host data directly to the printer.

Spool Wait Time (secs)

The amount of time to wait before data is spooled to the printer. Default is 10 and valid range is 1 to 300 seconds.