Hotspots are a productivity tool which, when enabled, identifies specific text strings on the host screen and converts them to buttons. When activated (double-click by default), each hotspot performs a specified action. Hotspots are disabled by default and there are three provided hotspots schemes to choose from. Users may also create custom hotspots schemes, which may be saved to the session, or saved as a separate hotspots scheme file.

To enable one of the provided hotspots schemes, from the Schemes ribbon tab, press the lower half of the Hotspots Scheme button  to select one of the following hotspots schemes:

    • Default
    • IBM
    • PF Keys

Follow the steps below to customize the selected hotspots scheme:

  1. From the Schemes ribbon tab, press the Hotspots Scheme button  to customize the current hotspots scheme, which will display the Customize Hotspots Scheme dialog.

  2. Enable the Match PF Keys option to match text in the format of PFx, FPx and Fx, where x is a numeric value between 1 and 29. These hotspots will automatically send the appropriate function key to the host.

  3. Enable the Match URL's options to match screen text that is formatted as a URL, which may include http:// or https:// at the beginning of the string.

  4. Add additional Text Hotspots by pressing the + button or remove unwanted ones by pressing the - button.

  5. After pressing the + button to add a new text hotspot, enter the text to match, select the appropriate match requirements, and choose the action to perform for the hotspot.

  6. When finished adding text hotspots, press Save to save the custom hotspots scheme to the current session, or press the arrow next to Save, select Save As to create a custom hotspots scheme file (*.ahs), then provide a file name.

Tool Tips

Hover the mouse pointer over displayed hotspots to reveal the assigned action, along with any associated parameters.