Select File>Options>Layout and Lockdown to display the Layout and Lockdown dialog for customizing the order of ribbon groups and/or hiding items from the application menu, ribbon and other miscellaneous user interface features. This configuration is also available from the popup menu that displays when you click the FlexTerm logo in the upper left corner of the Workspace window.

All changes to the Layout and Lockdown options are saved with the current Workspace and every Workspace has its own Layout and Lockdown configuration.

There are three categories available as indicated by tabs at the top:

Application Menu

Uncheck File to hide the entire application menu, including all sub-menu items. Otherwise, uncheck individual items to hide. Some items listed have additional sub-menu items as indicated by an arrow to the left of the checkbox. Press the arrow to expand and display all associated items.


Use drag and drop or the Move Up and Move Down buttons to rearrange the items on the ribbon tabs. While each of the items listed under a particular ribbon tab may be moved, either within the same ribbon tab, or to another tab, the Home, View and Schemes ribbon tabs themselves are fixed and may not be moved. Also, items within a particular ribbon group are fixed.

Use the Reset All button to set all ribbon groups back to their default position.


Uncheck any of these items to hide from the user interface.

Require administrator rights to make changes

Enable this option to prevent users from making changes to the Layout and Lockdown configuration. Any attempt by a user who is not a member of the Administrators group on the local computer to access, will be prompted for Administrator credentials.

Note: if a user attempts to enable this option without Administrator rights, they will also be prompted for administrator credentials.

More Information

  • Disabling any items in the Layout and Lockdown configuration hides them from the user interface and makes them unavailable to FlexTerm configurations such as Keyboard, Hotspots and Mouse schemes, or custom Extensions.

  • Any custom configuration performed before disabling an item with Layout and Lockdown will continue to work. For example, if a custom Extension is configured with a button that executes the FileOpenWorkspace command, disabling File>Open Workspace from the Layout and Lockdown configuration will not disable the button.

  • To effectively lock a FlexTerm Workstation, items such as File>New Workspace, File>Open Workspace and File>New Session must be disabled in Layout and Lockdown and the Require administrator rights to make changes option should also be enabled.