The default Mouse Scheme provides the following functions:

Mouse Events


Left Click

Move Cursor

Left Double Click

Hotspot Detect/Word Select

Right Click

Display Floating Menu

Right Double Click


Wheel Scroll Up

Scroll Up

Wheel Scroll Down

Scroll Down

Users may customize any of the above mouse events to perform any of the available FlexTerm actions and save to a custom mouse scheme.

Follow the steps below to customize the selected mouse scheme:

  1. From the Schemes ribbon tab, press the Mouse Scheme button  to customize the current mouse scheme, which will display the Customize Mouse Scheme dialog.

  2. Double-click any item in the list to customize.

  3. Select one of the actions from the list, along with any required parameters.

  4. When finished customizing mouse events, press Save to save the custom mouse scheme to the current session, or press the arrow next to Save, select Save As to create a custom mouse scheme file (*.aps), then provide a file name.