The Notes system Extension provides a notepad for copying text from host screens or other Windows applications. The toolbar at the top of the Notes Extension provides the following functionality:


Clears the contents of the notepad area, allowing the user to start a new text file. If unsaved, user is prompted with the warning message "Are you sure you want to continue without saving your changes?" Select Yes to clear without saving, or No to return and save.


Allows the user to browse for and open an existing text file. By default, this opens the FlexTerm user data directory, but FlexTerm will remember the last location used to successfully open a file. Text files with file extensions of .txt, .ini, .bat, .htm, .html or .xml are automatically available. Or change from Text Files to All Files to open a file with a different extension. Opening any non-text based file is not recommended.

Save As

Saves the notepad contents to a file for future reference. If previously saved, or if the Open toolbar button was used to open the file, the path and file name are remembered and the user is prompted whether to replace or not when saving. Otherwise, provide a path and file name for a new file. When providing a new file name, if a file extension is not provided, FlexTerm will automatically append the .txt file extension.


Opens the Windows Print dialog allowing the user to print the contents to the selected printer.

Word Wrap

Toggle Word Wrap on to wrap lines of text that exceed the right margin to the left margin of the next line. Otherwise, toggle off to maintain complete lines of text and enable a horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of the Notes Extension.

Cut (Ctrl+X)

Removes the currently selected text and adds it to the Windows clipboard.

Copy (Ctrl+C)

Copies the currently selected text and adds it to the Windows clipboard.

Paste (Ctrl+V)

Pastes the contents of the current Windows clipboard to the current cursor position.

Select All

Selects and highlights the entire contents of the notepad.