The Quick Access Toolbar, by default, is available from the top left corner of the FlexTerm window and provides the ability to enable commonly used functions. Pressing the Customize Quick Access Toolbar button, next to the FlexTerm logo, will display the following dialog for customizing the toolbar:

  1. Print
    Enables the Print  command, which is comparable to the File>Print menu command.

  1. Setup
    Enables the Setup  icon on the toolbar, which displays the Connection Setup dialog.

  1. Connect
    Enables the Connect command  or  on the toolbar, which allows the user to toggle the communication state between connected and disconnected.

Tip: the above three options are toggled on/off by selecting from the dialog and will display a check-mark indicating when they are enabled.

  1. Show Below the Ribbon/Show Above the Ribbon
    Toggles the position of the Quick Access Toolbar either above or below the ribbon.

  1. Show the Ribbon
    Toggles display of the entire ribbon on/off. Hiding the ribbon is useful for users who require more host screen display area.

Tip: the ribbon may also be minimized rather than completely hiding, which provides access to the ribbon tabs, but only displays the ribbon when a tab is selected. This is accomplished using the Minimize the Ribbon button located on the right-hand side of the ribbon command bar.

Note: any action on the ribbon tabs may also be added to the Quick Access Toolbar by right-clicking and choosing Add to Quick Access Toolbar.