The FlexTerm status bar, which is enabled by default, displays additional information about the current host session. Optionally, the status bar may be disabled from the View ribbon tab by un-checking the Status Bar option.

The following symbols may appear on the status bar:




Secure Connection

Indicates a secure, encrypted session with the host. Clicking the lock symbol on the status bar will display details regarding the secure connection, such as protocol, cipher suite, hash and key exchange. A View Server Certificate button is also displayed which, when pressed, will display the certificate from the host.

Macro Play

Displays when a macro is actively running.

File Receive

Displays when a file transfer is downloading a file from the host.

Macro Record

Displays when a macro is in record mode.

File Send

Displays when a file transfer is sending a file to the host.

Text String

Displays when a text string is being sent to the host.

The following information will also display on the status bar for each session:

HLLAPI Short Name

When the session is connected to the host, the HLLAPI Short Name will display in parenthesis. This may be disabled from the View ribbon tab by un-checking the HLLAPI Short Name option.

Session Name

The name of the currently selected session.


Displays the state of the current session, either Disconnected or Connected to host:port, where host is the IP Address or host name and port is the tcp port number configured in Connection Setup.

Caps Lock/Num Lock

When Caps Lock is toggled on, the CAPS indicator will display and when Num Lock is toggled on, NUM will display on the right-hand side of the status bar.