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Provides access to the following tab groups, which contain properties associated with the FlexTerm look and feel:


Font Family
Choose this drop-down list to select an available font to use for the session. Hovering the mouse pointer over any font in the list will provide a preview of how the font will look on the host screen prior to selecting it. The default font is Flex Terminal, which is a FlexSoftare developed font that has the raster (bitmap) font sizes (7 to 20) embedded.

Font Size
Select a fixed font size between 8 and 72 from the drop-down list, or select  Auto Filled to allow FlexTerm to automatically size the font based on the window size and fill the entire screen, or select Auto Exact (default setting) to allow FlexTerm to snap to the nearest whole number font size.

Note: while Auto Filled provides a font that will cover more of the screen area, degradation in font sharpness and quality may occur, depending on the font selected and size of the FlexTerm window.

For smaller FlexTerm windows, it is recommended to select Auto Exact along with the Flex Terminal font.

Bold Font
Toggles the screen font between normal and bold, where the default setting is normal.


Cursor Style
Choose from one of the following cursor styles, where Full Block is the default:

    • Underline
    • Half Block
    • Full Block

Cursor Blink
Toggles between a solid and blinking cursor, where solid is the default.

Cursor Ruler
Choose from one of the following cursor ruler styles, where off is the default:

    • Off
    • Horizontal
    • Vertical
    • Cross
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Status Bar
Enable to display the status bar at the bottom of the FlexTerm window or disable to hide. The status bar is enabled by default.

When enabled, FlexTerm will display field attributes on the screen. This setting is disabled by default and is for TN3270 sessions only.

HLLAPI Short Name

Enabled by default, displays the HLLAPI Short Name for each session in parenthesis on each Session Tab and Status Bar (if enabled) for the currently selected session.


FlexTerm Extensions is a powerful tool, which provides enhanced functionality and increased productivity for the user. Included are three default extensions for function keys, notes and print multiple screens with the ability to create custom extensions with buttons for performing any FlexTerm action.

Press Emulation under the Options tab group to configure options related to the current emulation type:

IBM Z Mainframe/TN3270

IBM i AS/400/TN5250



Select a theme for the current workspace, which controls the colors and styles of the window elements, allowing the user to personalize the FlexTerm environment.

The following themes are available:

    • System Default (default selection)
    • Metro Dark
    • Metro Light
    • Metro Light Accented:
      • Blue Colorful Accent
      • Cyan Colorful Accent
      • Green Colorful Accent
      • Orange Colorful Accent
      • Purple Colorful Accent
      • Red Colorful Accent
      • Royal Colorful Accent
    • Metro White
    • Metro White Accent:
      • Blue Accent
      • Cyan Accent
      • Green Accent
      • Orange Accent
      • Purple Accent
      • Red Accent
      • Royal Accent
    • Office Black
    • Office Blue
    • Office Silver
    • Aero
    • Classic
    • High Contrast