Below is a list of the major enhancements added since the previous release:

Terminal Types

  • TN5250 emulation is now supported for host access to IBM i (AS/400).

Connection Setup

  • Option to clear screen buffer on disconnect and automatically toggle Connect button state to disconnected.

User Interface

  • Windows ribbon tab added with buttons for managing the Workspace and Session windows.


  • Option to select any text editor for editing macros.


  • Added Copy Append feature allowing users to copy screen text to existing Windows clipboard contents.


  • Added Flex Terminal font.
  • Auto Exact font size added, which will snap to the nearest whole number font size, producing a very clear, crisp font.

Emulation Options

  • Added the following new options:
    • Automatic Repeat AID Key.
    • Insert Mode Toggle Cursor Type
    • Insert Mode Reset after AID Key.


  • Layout and Lockdown feature is added to control and modify the FlexTerm user interface related to the application menu and the ribbon bar.

File Transfer

  • Improvements on file transfer dialog - the path for Local File Name in the transfer list now defaults to the user's Desktop and is updated as the user navigates using the File Explorer.

FlexTerm Version 2.0.1404 Release Notes (July 1, 2019)

Terminal Types

  • SCOANSI emulation is now supported.
  • WYSE emulation is now supported.

Connection Settings

  • Added new connection setting: Data Bits(8-bit/7-bit) for SCOANSI


  • Added host key: Select Clear

FlexTerm Version 2.0.1404 Release Notes (March 4, 2019)

Terminal Types

  • Added VT420, VT220, VT100, VT52 emulations for access to Unix/Linux based host systems.
  • New Session Wizard added to assist users in session creation.


  • SSL/TLS and Secure Shell (SSH) available for protecting VT sessions with encryption.


  • New FlexSession.ConnectionSettings  and FlexSession.ConnectionStatus properties added to the scripting language, which are related to the session connection.  See the Technical Reference>Macro Scripting>FlexSession Object section of the FlexTerm User Guide for more information.


  • Added default Putty keyboard map for use with VT sessions.

Configuration Options

  • Added File>Options>Workspace Settings, which allows users to set a custom location for FlexTerm Schemes, Transfer Lists, Macros and Extensions.

View Settings

  • Added HLLAPI Short Name to Show or Hide section, allowing the user to toggle the display of the HLLAPI Short Name on the session tab and status bar.

Session Configuration

  • Before-Connect Action added to Connection Setup>Miscellaneous to allow execution of a custom action before an attempt is made to connect to a host.